What is it about chemical handling? Why is it so hard to get a good grip on this crucial task? Just log and count the containers. Should be pretty simple.

In a way, we understand how this might seem trivial. But that’s only if we ignore the fact that chemicals can actually pose serious risks in both the short and long term. Risks that you have to keep track of and this is where it gets complicated. Really. Fast. Looking a bit closer, you will find a chain of interconnected issues that must all be addressed.

You need to be able to see where in the organization chemical products are located, in what amount and what risks they pose. All done with a reasonable effort.

And in order to credibly assess risks, you must be able to trust that the underlying information about the products is correct. The quality of that information depends largely on the safety data sheets you have access to. No chain is stronger than its weakest link.

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This is Chemical Management

Chemical management was created to give the right person easy access to the right information quickly. It’s designed to help you work smarter, by a team that really cares and who is passionate about safe chemical handling.

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The heart of Chemical Management is a product database with quality assured SDS. KemRisk’s experts leave nothing to chance, we screen everything.

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Our smart list of chemicals allows you to create your own tags, search & filter based on specific legislation, create simplified safety sheets and much more.

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Risk assessment needs to be simple in order to be safe. That is why we have integrated a guided process that will assist you step by step.

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A graphical site overview provides quick information about how many chemicals are present in a particular place. If needed, user permissions can be linked to specific locations.

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Chemical Management is naturally mobile-friendly, ready to be used directly through your browser, regardless of screen size. No standalone apps to keep track of.

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With built-in inventory support available, the amount of potential error sources is radically reduced. Chemical Management makes your routine tasks easier and safer.


Do you need to create, translate or modify safety data sheets? SDS Management is close at hand directly in My KemRisk.

Functions in Chemical Management

  • Product database with quality assured SDSs
  • Easy-to-understand chemical list for a comprehensive view of chemical products used in the organization
  • In-depth information pages product by product
  • Graphical site overview with unlimited number of levels
  • Custom tags for custom filtering
  • Customized article numbers and synonyms for products
  • Integrated look-up service for codes and symbols
  • Support for risk assessment linked to chemical products
  • Ability to easily generate simplified safety sheets based on SDS
  • Search & filter based on legislation and custom tags
  • Monitoring of occupational exposure limits
  • Structured access levels with the possibility of access limited to specific location
  • Support for inventory, responsibilities-sharing and scheduling
  • Cloud based archive that stores deleted products and SDSs for at least ten years
  • Data export support
  • Naturally mobile-friendly without the need for apps
  • Integrated into the portal My KemRisk together with SDS Management

Can you relate to this?

  • you want to be able to trust that the information about your chemical products is 100% accurate.
  • you need a better overview of what chemicals are in your premises.
  • you have to find a more effective way of working with risk assessments of chemical products.
  • you want to be able to access your chemical management system at any time and from any device.
  • you need a customizable feature to easily search and filter products based on legislation and custom tags.

If so, we need to look into how you can access Chemical management.

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    Chemical Management + SDS Management = a complete solution

    If you need to create, translate or modify safety data sheets in any way, KemRisk can provide you with a solid solution. Our service SDS Management was created for that very purpose. Via My KemRisk, it is also seamlessly integrated with Chemical Management. All things KemRisk, in a single place.

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