Safety through simplicity

Safety through simplicity

Safe chemical management relies on simplicity for the user. Each improvement in your workflow creates greater safety and predictability. A good tool will guide you safely through the tasks at hand and dramatically reduce the risk of mistakes. Chemical Management from KemRisk puts you as the user first and is built from the ground up for simplicity.

How about we show you what simplicity in chemical management looks like hands-on?

For a safer work environment

For a safer work environment

Chemicals in the workplace demand that you, as an employer, take responsibility. Do you have the right processes and tools in place to conduct proper risk assessments? Do you know which chemicals are present in your operations and where they are located? Are you aware of the threshold limit values and particularly hazardous substances? Is it easy to filter out products that may need to be replaced? Can you easily provide your employees with protection information that is easy to understand?

Chemical Management will make it easier for you to take responsibility for the health, environment, and safety surrounding the chemicals in use. Chemical Management will make your workplace safer and your team better protected.

Want to learn more about how Chemical Management can assist you in  your workplace safety efforts?

Digitized and cloud based

Digitized and cloud based

You want your chemical management to be more efficient, with all work processes running smoothly. The right chemical management system will get you closer to that goal. Where is your information located today? How is it structured? Is it well organized or scattered? With Chemical Management, all your chemical information is digitized, structured, and accessible anytime from any screen.

Interested in how a modern chemical management system can streamline your workflow?

Always-on legal monitoring

Always-on legal monitoring

Ever evolving legal requirements and increasingly active authorities mean that you need the right support and a reliable partner to keep track of your chemical risks. In addition, higher expectations from customers and suppliers on sustainability and preventive safety work make this an even tougher task. Chemical Management’s chemical inventory allows you to search and filter based on all relevant laws. When regulations change, the system quickly adapts and ensures that you always have the right information for important decisions about your chemicals.

Do you want to learn more about how Chemical Management can help you stay on top of current and future legislation?

Reliable expertise one click away

Reliable expertise one click away

By partnering with KemRisk, you’ll have access to our team of chemical information specialists. In addition to providing direct support for Chemical Management, we offer a broad and constantly expanding range of additional services. You’ll be well-equipped to meet complex demands from a changing world, whether it’s safety data sheets, building declarations, or almost any question about European chemical legislation, now and in the future. We will be there for you whenever you need us.

Chemical Management and our team will move you forward

Functions in Chemical Management

  • Product database with quality assured SDSs
  • Easy-to-understand chemical list for a comprehensive view of chemical products used in the organization
  • In-depth information pages product by product
  • Graphical site overview with unlimited number of levels
  • Custom tags for custom filtering
  • Customized article numbers and synonyms for products
  • Integrated look-up service for codes and symbols
  • Support for risk assessment linked to chemical products
  • Ability to easily generate simplified safety sheets based on SDS
  • Search & filter based on legislation and custom tags
  • Monitoring of occupational exposure limits
  • Structured access levels with the possibility of access limited to specific location
  • Support for inventory, responsibilities-sharing and scheduling
  • Cloud based archive that stores deleted products and SDSs for at least ten years
  • Data export support
  • Naturally mobile-friendly without the need for apps
  • Integrated into the portal My KemRisk together with SDS Management

Chemical Management by KemRisk is a clever and efficient system, but just reading about it is a far cry from the real thing. Dive into a demo with us!

Chemical Management + SDS Management = a complete solution

If you need to create, translate or modify safety data sheets in any way, KemRisk can provide you with a solid solution. Our service SDS Management was created for that very purpose. Via My KemRisk, it is also seamlessly integrated with Chemical Management. All things KemRisk, in a single place.

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