Efficient and complete BPD compilation for one or several portals. We serve as your partner versus Byggvarubedömningen, SundaHus, BASTA and eBVD.


Once the BPD is compiled it’s time to get it assessed by the portals. KemRisk will guide and support you through the registration process.

Supplier contacts

One common issue surrounding BPD is lack of sufficient underlying documentation. If needed, KemRisk can act as agent versus your suppliers to collect and compile the necessary information.

BPD Consultancy

The BPD process will always include a start-up faze were we assess your current situation and chart out the way forward. This can later be expanded to take the form of continuous coaching and counselling.


Our experts will audit your existing documentation early on in the process in order to find critical information gaps. This is crucial when aiming for a speedy and successful BPD assessment.

SDS & Labeling

Being a Nordic market leader in the field of SDS authoring, KemRisk is uniquely positioned to help you with any issues concerning this type of document. Translations, updates or audits – SDS expertise is a core competence at KemRisk.


We coordinate, structure and provide continuity. Our flexibility and ability to customize can also serve as a powerful platform for a more permanent partnership surrounding your ongoing BPD efforts.


It is wise to view your BPD projects as a continuous “work in progress” with multiple parties involved. KemRisk will function as your partner in various contacts with both suppliers and portals throughout the process.

Time to focus on your business and let KemRisk handle your building product declarations.


The need for enhanced documentation regarding building materials has been growing for a long time. As more and more actors sharpen their environmental policies, this trend becomes increasingly clear.

A very concrete way to respond to this is to put your products through an independent assessment. One first step to address this is to produce what is known in Sweden as a Building Product Declaration – a BPD. With the concept of BPD becoming a de facto standard, multiple platforms has sprung up to provide environmental assessments and other services surrounding building products. The details may differ but the procedure is similar at its core:

  1. Compile a BPD
  2. Get it assessed
  3. Get it published and found by potential customers

1-2-3-done. Easy. Or?

At KemRisk we assist a steadily growing group of clients with different parts of the BPD process and for us, the picture is a bit more complex. You need to take into account that this will consume both energy and time. A lot of it. And if you’re looking at getting a product assessed that contains chemical components, the complexity accelerates. Access to relevant and correct documentation then becomes absolutely critical for the final assessment

KemRisk will guide and support you

Regardless of your own level of BPD know-how, collaborating with KemRisk through your projects will always provide you with

  • a structured and efficient process
  • first class customer focus and flexibility
  • market leading insight and expertise

In addition to our broad experience in working with all Swedish BPD platforms (Byggvarubedömningen, SundaHus, BASTA, eBVD), we offer a wide range of services around chemical information in general and safety data sheets in particular. This skill set is powerful and enables us to take a unique holistic approach to your BPD’s.

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