Safety data sheets made easy

Safety data sheets made easy

Managing safety data sheets is a demanding task that requires expertise, diligence, and time. If you’ve got all three under control, kudos to you! You will be on track to streamlining your SDS processes soon enough.

However, if terms like REACH, CLP, or “occupational exposure limit values” give you pause, you’re not alone. And it’s crucial to understand the gravity of safety data sheets. Underestimating their importance can lead to dire consequences.

The good news? There are tried-and-true solutions designed to get you through every step of the way: from initial drafts to continuous monitoring and updates. You don’t need to shoulder the burden alone or become an overnight expert.

Enter SDS Management – safety data sheets as a service. KemRisk offers a holistic solution for all your safety data sheet needs. Built on a foundation of essential components, you have the flexibility to expand capabilities as required. Our goal is to simplify your tasks, enhance safety, and empower you to allocate your time where it matters most.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Expertise at Your Fingertips

When everything is running smoothly, it’s easy to overlook the importance of having an expert on your side.

But when a crisis or uncertainty arises, we realize just how much we need someone to guide us, help us understand the unfamiliar and meet looming deadlines.

And when it comes to safety data sheets, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

That’s where SDS Management comes in. With just a click or a phone call, our experts will be there for you, providing the knowledge and guidance you need to stay safe and in compliance.

We understand that good advice can be hard to come by when times are tough. With SDS Management in place, you’ll have access to expertise at your fingertips, exactly when you need it most.

Compliance in action

Compliance in action

Safety data sheets are living documents. Even if your product remains unchanged, different parts of the legislation may change over time. In order to have a chance to fulfill the responsibility associated with your role in the chain, you need  a working process for legal compliance in place. Theoretically, you can solve this task yourself or with the support of one or more legal compliance services. But can you really translate your new insights into practical action? How do you know that you are adjusting the right parts of the safety data sheet and in the right way?

SDS Management eliminates this type of uncertainty. We actively and persistently monitor all legislation that may affect your safety data sheets. Necessary actions are taken continuously and in good time before new legislation becomes binding. We do what we do best: navigate the European chemical legislation. You can focus your energy on something else (and sleep more peacefully).

My KemRisk will be your SDS hub

My KemRisk will be your SDS hub

Working systematically to create, monitor, and update safety data sheets is important. But equally important is having a place where you know the correct documents are always available. Ideally, you also want to be able to easily share the documents via links.

SDS Management is integrated into the cloud service My KemRisk. This enables access to all your safety data sheets directly through your web browser, at any time and from any device. No apps required. Smart web linking features complement the solution and dramatically streamlines external communication.

Never worry about CLP labeling again

Never worry about CLP labeling again

The safety data sheet will always be the user’s main source of safety information about a chemical product. However, in practice, few end-users come into contact with the actual document itself. Instead, the information on the packaging will be the critical carrier of information. For safe chemical management, it is therefore crucial that the information is transferred correctly from the safety data sheet to the product labeling. This is a classic area of compliance check during an inspection by the authorities.

In SDS Management, we automatically provide all your safety data sheets with the correct information for product labeling according to CLP. You never have to wonder again if you have the right information on your packaging. All the information you need is available in Mitt KemRisk – always accessible, always updated.

Functions in SDS Management

  • Proactive monitoring of safety data sheets according to legislation
  • Automatic updating of safety data sheets in case of legal changes
  • Integrated into the cloud service My KemRisk, always accessible from any device
  • Specialized support related to safety data sheets
  • Specialiserad support kopplad till säkerhetsdatablad
  • Management of product labeling related to safety data sheets (optional)
  • Wide range of additional services

SDS Management will make your work with safety data sheets more structured, secure, and sustainable. Sounds abstract? Don’t worry, we’re here ready to answer any questions. Send us a message when you feel ready to chat.

SDS Management + Chemical Management = a complete solution

If you use chemical products in your own business, you need a solution to organize, risk assess and inventory them. Chemical Management was created for that very purpose. It is also seamlessly integrated with SDS Management via My KemRisk. Everything KemRisk, in a single place.

SDS ManagementSDS Management

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